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Vytorin is used for treating high cholesterol along with a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Active Ingredient: ezetimibe simvastatin

Vytorin (Omistat) as known as: Acotral, Afordel, Alcosin, Alipas, Alpheus, Angiolip, Antichol, Arudel, Astax, Aterostat, Athenil, Atorvik-ez, Avastin, Awestatin, Belmalip, Bevostatin, Cardin, Cerclerol, Cholemed, Cholestad, Cholestat, Cholipam, Christatin, Colemin, Colemin forte, Colesken, Colestop, Colestricon, Coracil, Corexel, Corsim, Covastin, Cynt, Detrovel, Ecuvas, Egilipid, Esvat, Ethicol, Extrastatin, Ezentia, Ezeta, Ezetib, Ezetim, Ezetimib, Ezetimibum, Ezitoget, Forcad, Gerosim, Glipal, Glutasey, Goldastatin, Goltor, Histop, Hollesta, Iamastatin, Ifistatin, Inegan, Inegy, Ipramid, Ivast, Ixacor, Jabastatina, Kavelor, Klonastin, Krustat, Kymazol, Labistatin, Lepur, Lesvatin, Lip-down, Lipcut, Lipenil, Lipexal, Lipidex, Lipo-off, Lipoaut, Lipoblock, Lipociden, Lipodown, Lipokoban, Lipola m, Lipomed, Lipopress, Liporex, Lipovatol, Lipozart, Lipozid, Lisac, Lowcholid, Lumsiva, Medipo, Medistatin, Mersivas, Michol, Nalecol, Nezatin, Nimicor, Nitastin, Nivelipol, Normicor, Normofat, Nosterol, Novastin, Nyzoc, Omistat, Pantok, Pantok forte, Phalol, Pontizoc, Protecta, Pulsarat, Ramian, Ransim, Rechol, Recol, Redicor, Redulip, Redusterol, Rendapid, Ritechol, Selvim, Several, Sicor, Silovastin, Simacor, Simator, Simavas, Simbado, Simchol, Simcor, Simcora, Simcovas, Simhasan, Simirex, Simlipidic, Simlo, Simovil, Simplaqor, Simratio, Simtan, Simtano, Simtin, Simvabell, Simvabeta, Simvacard, Simvachol, Simvacol, Simvacop, Simvacor, Simvadoc, Simvadura, Simvafar, Simvafour, Simvagamma, Simvahex, Simvahexal, Simvakol, Simvalimit, Simvalip, Simvamerck, Simvar, Simvarcana, Simvarex, Simvas, Simvass, Simvast, Simvastad, Simvastamed, Simvastan, Simvastatine, Simvatin, Simvax, Simvaxon, Simvep, Simvostol, Simvotin, Simzor, Sinpor, Sinstatin, Sintenal, Sinterol, Sinty, Sinvastacor, Sinvat, Sinvaz, Sivacor, Sivatin, Sivinar, Sorfox, Sotovastin, Starezin, Starzoko, Stasiva, Statex, Synvinolin, Tanavat, Trilip, Vabadin, Vadel, Valemia, Vascor, Vasomed, Vasotenal, Vasta, Vastan, Vaster, Vastocor, Viaxal, Vida-up, Vidastat, Viemm, Viscor, Ximve, Zaptrol, Zavinyx, Zeklen, Zeplan, Zerocoler, Zetia-zocor, Zifam, Zimstat, Zivas, Zocor forte

Transcriptomics in Health and Disease

Transcriptomics in Health and Disease
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Author: lori.yagami12 | 21-02-2015, 23:50 | Views: 0

Geraldo A. Passos, "Transcriptomics in Health and Disease"
English | ISBN: 3319119842 | 2015 | 364 pages | PDF | 9 MB

After sequencing the human genome a decade ago, researchers have continued their projects, but now to try to better understand how, and when, genes are expressed in health and disease. Efforts have been concentrated on the measurement of the expression of RNA transcripts. In an analogy to the genome, the term "transcriptome" was created to refer to the complete set of RNAs in a cell type or tissue in a particular situation. Transcriptomics is the science that studies this issue and it is a branch of functional genomics. Transcriptomics in Heath and Disease provides a comprehensive overview of the science of transcriptomics initially in health, focusing on the concept of the transcriptome and the main methods to evaluate it. The authors discuss the concept and use of gene expression signatures and transcriptional biomarkers in normal development and diseased tissues and organs. As the transcriptome changes depending on the pathology, there is also a focus on the variations in the gene expression in different diseases such as autoimmune, inflammation, cancer and infections. This book should be very useful for researchers in molecular biology focusing on gene expression, human genetics, immunology, and genomics.

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Bernoulli Society Bulletin e-Briefs issue 20

Bernoulli Society Bulletin e-Briefs issue 20


For information to be considered in the next issue, please contact Leonardo T. Rolla This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by August 31.

* Bernoulli Society General Assembly

The Bernoulli Society General Assembly will be held at the 60th World Statistics Congress - ISI2015, Rio Janeiro (see Events below) on Friday, July 30 at 12:30. You are warmly encouraged to attend! http://www.bernoulli-society.org/index.php/organization/statutes#ArticleIV

* Evarist Giné-Masdéu (1944-2015)

Evarist Giné-Masdéu passed away on the 13th of March in Hartford, Connecticut. He has been a main contributor and co-creator of several branches of modern probability theory that have been profoundly influential, in particular in statistics and learning theory. Evarist was made a fellow of the IMS in 1984, elected member of the ISI in 1991, became a corresponding member of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans in 1996, and gave a Medallion lecture at the 2004 world congress of the Bernoulli society in Barcelona. A conference was held on the occasion of Evarist’s 70th birthday in June 2014 in Cambridge, UK, to honour his mathematical achievements. The great respect and admiration for his mathematics and his great personality were shared by the many friends and colleagues. That Evarist is gone leaves a great emptiness in the mathematical community. For those who knew him personally and worked with him, he will always remain a great friend with whom they spent endless hours talking mathematics at the board or in his warm and hospitable house. http://bulletin.imstat.org/2015/05/obituary-evarist-gine-masdeu-1944-2015/

* Wolfgang Doeblin Prize for Outstanding Research in Probability

The Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability welcomes nominations for the third Wolfgang Doeblin Prize to be awarded at the 9th World Congress of Probability and Statistics, Toronto 2016. Each nomination should offer a brief case in support and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by November 30.

Founded in 2011, the prize is awarded bi-annually to a single individual for outstanding research in the field of probability theory, and who is at the beginning of their mathematical career. http://www.bernoulli-society.org/index.php/prizes?id=158

* Next Editor-in-Chief of Stochastic Processes and their Applications

The Bernoulli Society has great pleasure in announcing that Professor Herold Dehling of Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum will serve as the next Editor-in-Chief of the Elsevier journal Stochastic Processes and their Applications, in succession to the current Editor-in-Chief, Professor Takashi Kumagai. Professor Dehling informs us that the effective date of handover will be April 1, 2015, and that his term of service concludes end March 31, 2018. We are extremely grateful to both these distinguished scientists for their tireless and influential service, both past, present and future.

* Bernoulli Society Named Lectures for the World Congress at Toronto 2016

Bernoulli Society is pleased to announce the following named lecturers for the World Congress of Probability and Statistics at Toronto 2016:

- Laplace Lecture: Byeong Park (Seoul National University, South Korea)
- Bernoulli Lecture: Valerie Isham (University College London, UK)
- Kolmogorov Lecture: Ruth Williams (UC San Diego, USA)
- Lévy Lecture: Servet Martinez (Universidad de Chile)
- Tukey Lecturer: David Brillinger (UC Berkeley, USA)

The names were proposed by a special committee for Bernoulli invited lectures, and approved by Bernoulli Society Executive Committee.

* Schramm Lecture 2017

Richard Kenyon (Brown University, USA) has accepted the invitation by IMS and Bernoulli to present this lecture at the Moscow SPA, which is scheduled for 24-28 July 2017.

3.1 - Events sponsored and co-sponsored by Bernoulli Society

* 30th European Meeting of Statisticians, Amsterdam, July 6-10

The European Meeting of Statisticians is the main conference in statistics and probability in Europe. The program includes the Lectures by Peter Buehlmann, Gunnar Carlson, Lutz Duembgen, Gesine Reinert, Omiros Papaspiliopoulos, Gerard Ben Arous and Brian Caffo, as well as 25 invited sessions, 12 organised contributed sessions, about 200 contributed papers and a poster session. https://ems2015.nl/

* 38th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Oxford, July 13-17

Organised under the auspices of the Bernouilli Society, this conference will bring together about 450 contributors, featuring topics ranging from representation theory, algebra and partial differential equations, through to data science, control theory and data assimilation.

Plenary speakers: Alexei Borodin; Michael Cranston; Bénédicte Haas; Alan Hammond; Haya Kaspi; Michel Ledoux; Régine Marchand; Grégory Miermont; Jason Miller; Sandrine Péché; Christophe Sabot; Scott Sheffield; Andrew Stuart; Terence Tao; Augusto Teixeira; Boris Tsirelson. List of Invited Sessions at the webpage.

* 60th World Statistics Congress - ISI2015, Rio Janeiro, July 26-31

The WSC is the flagship conference of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and its seven associations. The congress will bring together members of the statistical community to present, discuss, promote and disseminate research and best practice in every field of Statistics and its applications. There are over 400 invited speakers, another 400 in special topic sessions. Full list of invited speakers and special sessions at the webpage. Registration is now open.

Deadline for online registration fee: July 17. http://www.isi2015.org/

* Stochastic Analysis and its Applications, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, July 27 - August 07

Hosted by the School of Mathematics and Computer Science at the National University of Mongolia, the two-week research school will look at an extensive programme of classical and contemporary topics from the theory of stochastic analysis, as well as its applications. There will be an extensive exposition covering the insertion of stochastics into biology, economics, random matrix theory, optimal stopping and control, combinatorial models, self-similarity and of course SDEs and PDEs. http://smcs.num.edu.mn/saam2015/

* 19th European Young Statisticians Meeting, Prague, August 31 - September 04

The European Young Statisticians Meetings are held every two years under the auspices of the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society. Every participant is expected to submit an abstract and a short paper for conference proceedings and to give a twenty minutes talk introducing his/her research field to a wide audience. There are no parallel sessions.

Invited speakers: Irene Gijbels, Marie Hušková, Adam Jakubowski, Geurt Jongbloed and Thomas Mikosch. http://eysm2015.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/

* 18th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference, Istanbul, July 5-8

The Applied Probability Society is a subdivision of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). The Society is concerned with the application of probability theory to systems that involve random phenomena. The 18th INFORMS Applied Probability Conference will take place on the campus of Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Plenary Speakers: Halil Mete Soner, John N. Tsitsiklis, Kavita Ramanan. http://home.ku.edu.tr/

* Disordered Models of Mathematical Physics, Valparaíso, Chile, July 21-24

The workshop Disordered Models of Mathematical Physics is a satellite meeting of the XVIII International Congress on Mathematical Physics. The main focus of the workshop will be recent developments in probabilistic models arising from problems in mathematical physics.

Confirmed speakers: Daniel Ahlberg, Louis-Pierre Arguin, Antonio Auffinger, Yuri Bakhtin, Paul Bourgade, Anton Bovier, Nicolas Curien, Davar Khoshnevisan, Brian Rider, Leonardo T. Rolla, Alexandre Stauffer, Maria E. Vares, Jun Yin, Ofer Zeitouni. http://eventos.cmm.uchile.cl/dmmp2015/

* XIX Brazilian School on Probability, Maresias, August 03-08

The Brazilian School of Probability has been organized each year since 1997 by initiative of the Brazilian probabilistic community and planned as a forum for the discussion of new ideas and developments in Probability and related areas. The school proceedings will be published in a special volume of Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, an IMS supported journal. Registration is now open, and some support for PhD students and postdocs is available.

Minicourses by Amaury Lambert and Ofer Zeitouni. Plenary Lectures: Augusto Teixeira, Daniel Valesin, David Belius, Eric Cator, Francis Comets, Iddo Ben Ari, Krishnamurthi Ravishankar, Nathanaël Berestycki, Pablo Groisman, Roberto Imbuzeiro Oliveira, and Vladimir Vatutin. http://www.ime.usp.br/ebp/ebp19/

* CRiSM Workshop Models and Inference in Population Genetics, Warwick, September 14–16

The aims of this workshop are to bring together researchers at the frontiers of probability and statistical inference in population genetics. The workshop is an expanded 2nd edition of a successful one-day event organised in 2012.

Confirmed speakers: Ellen Baake, Mark Beaumont, Matthias Birkner, Jochen Blath, Maria De Iorio, Steve Evans, Bob Griffiths, Asger Hobolth, Carolin Kosiol, Noemi Kurt, Gerton Lunter, Simon Myers, Yun Song, Yee Whye Teh.

* Analytical Methods in Statistics - AMISTAT 2015, Prague, November 10-13

The workshop is an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and to discuss topics on solved and unsolved problems of mathematical statistics, concerning the following subjects: Fisher information; parameter and function estimation; characterization problems; sufficiency, ancillarity and exponential families; generalized linear models; signal plus noise models; stochastic inequalities; asymptotics versus non-asymptotics; other related subjects of your recent interest.

Main speakers: Abram M. Kagan, Ildar Ibragimov, Hira L. Koul, Sakhanenko Aleksandr Ivanovich, Winfried Stute, Alexander Goldenshluger. No conference fee is collected, but prior registration is desired.

Deadline for registration and abstracts: September 01. http://www.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/

* 21st Intl Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Queensland, November 29 - December 04

The Biannual MODSIM2015 congress of the Modelling and Simulations Society of Australia and New Zealand is to be held with the theme "partnering with industry and the community for innovation and impact through modelling". Expressions of Interest should include a title and summary for those who intend to submit a full paper or extended abstract for presentation at the conference. List of sessions available at the webpage.

We are pleased to inaugurate a section with job offers, which can range from graduate scholarships to Full Professor positions, in Probability, Statistics, Theoretical Physics, and Mathematics. Those who are aware of public calls for applications may send a contribution directly to the editor.

* Global Platform Recruitment for Research Leaders, Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University is creating around 20 additional professorial and other academic posts per year, over the next 5 years, across a range of disciplines, continuing growth at Heriot-Watt’s international campuses in Edinburgh, Galashiels, Orkney, Dubai and Malaysia. Positions range from Assistant Professor to Full Professor, salary ranges around 30,000 to 56,000 GBP. http://www.hw.ac.uk/researchleaders

* Associate and Assistant Professor, University of Campinas, Brazil

The Statistics Department has tenured positions of Associate and Assistant Professor, for candidates with demonstrated capacity for independent research. Commencing salary around 130,000 BRL for Assistant Professors. http://www.ime.unicamp.br/

* Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

The Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, is looking for an an internationally renowned researcher at a very high level, expert in Statistics or Probability Theory. Commencing salary around 444,000 DKK.

* Lecturer, University of Liverpool

The Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics of the University of Liverpool is seeking to appoint a Lecturer in the area of Actuarial and Financial Mathematics. The position may be taken on a Part-Time or Full-Time basis, including a Job Share. Commencing salary around 32,000 to 49,000 GBP.

* Postdoctorate, University of Buenos Aires

Applications are invited for postdoctoral positions in Percolation, Particle Systems, and Stochastic Networks. The positions last two years and have a monthly stipend of around 14,000 ARS, to start in April 2016.

Deadline: June 15. http://mate.dm.uba.ar/

* Graduate student, Maxwell Institute, Edinburgh

The Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and its Applications offers a fully-funded 4-year PhD to students interested in Probability and Stochastic Analysis. Applicants should be in the final year of their undergraduate degree, or working to complete an appropriate MSc programme. Applications are considered as they are received, and anyone interested should apply as soon as possible, noting the EPSRC eligibility conditions. http://www.maxwell.ac.uk/migsaa/


* Recent issues of official publications of the Bernoulli Society

Stochastic Processes and their Applications http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/03044149
Bernoulli http://projecteuclid.org/current/euclid.bj

Have a look at http://www.bernoulli-society.org/index.php/publications for the latest articles in Electronic Communications in Probability, Electronic Journal of Probability, Electronic Journal of Statistics, Probability Surveys and Statistics Surveys.

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Omistat diseases

Marcabru (fl. 1129-1150)

Marcabru was a Gascon, born in the first decade of the twelfth century. One of the vidas makes him a foundling, while he himself says he was the son of a poor woman named Marcabruna. He had many patrons throughout the Midi and Spain, including Guillaume X of Aquitaine, the son of "the first troubadour," and Alfonso VII of Castile and León.

The low birth and noble patronage are reflected in his point of view and in the variety of his style. No one equals him in the furor with which he denounces the effeminacy and depravity of courtly life and the conventions of courtly love. From this moral urgency and highly idiomatic style arises some of the most difficult poetry in the whole Troubadour canon, the first instance of trobar clu. the hermetic style. But these moralizing lyrics are only one mark of his range. At the other end are songs extolling true love; and other songs, such as A la fontana and the pastorela. which dramatize a profoundly medieval view of right order-they are among the most civilized utterances in Provençal poetry.

His influence was great, not only on the practitioners of the hermetic style, but on others who chose from the wide variety of his forms (compare his Estornel, no. 12, with Peire d'Alvernhe's Rossinhol ), or who took up his moral stance (compare Peire Cardenal). But no one could ever re-create his irascible and exalted tone. About fourty-two lyrics are extant.

The most frequent theme in his songs is the distinction between true love and false love: true love is joyful, intense, in harmony with the welfare of a community and with divine intention; false love is bitter, dissolute, self regarding, and destructive. He denounces the courtly class for its preciousness and lust-it is on the way to ruin because it is infested with its own bastards, the women trick their husbands into raising the children of others, the men are cuckoos who lay their eggs in someone else's nest. And pandering to this cupidity are the troubadours, a vile crowd (gens frairina ) of liars and madmen who defame love and glorify lust. … [from Frederick Goldin's Lyrics of the Troubadours and Trouveres. NY: Anchor Books, 1973.]

L'autrier jost' una sebissa
trobei pastora mestissa,
de joi e de sen massissa,
si cum filla de vilana,
5 ap' e gonel' e pelissa
vest e camiza treslissa,
sotlars e caussas de lana.

Ves lieis vinc per la planissa:
"Toza, fi m ieu, res faitissa,
10 dol ai car lo freitz fos fissa."
"Seigner, so m dis la vilana,
merce Dieu e ma noirissa,
pauc m'o pretz si l vens m'erissa,
qu'alegreta sui e sana."

15 "Toza, fi m ieu, cauza pia,
destors me sui de la via
per far a vos compaignia;
quar aitals toza vilana
no deu ses pareill paria
20 pastorgar tanta bestia
en aital terra, soldana."

Don, fetz ela, qui que m sia,
ben conosc sen e folia;
la vostra pareillaria,
25 Seigner, so m dis la vilana
lai on se tang si s'estia,
que tals la cuid' en bailia
tener, no n a mas l'ufana."

"Toza de gentil afaire,
30 cavaliers fon vostre paire
que us engenret en la maire,
car fon corteza vilana.
Con plus vos gart, m'etz belaire,
e per vostre joi m'esclaire,
35 si m fossetz un pauc humana!"

"Don, tot mon ling e mon aire
vei revertir e retriare
al vezoig et a l'araire,
Seigner, so m dis la vilana;
40 mas tals se fai cavalgaire
c'atrestal deuria faire
los seis jorns de la setmana."

"Toza, ri m ieu, gentils fada,
vos adastret, quan fos nada, 45 d'una beutat esmerada
sobre tot' autra vilana;
e seria us ben doblada,
si m vezi' una vegada,
sobira e vos sotrana."

50 "Seigner, tan m'avetz lauzada,
que tota n seri' enveiada;
opos en pretz m'avetz levada,
Seigner, so m dis la vilana,
per so n'auretz per soudada
55 al partir: bada, fols, bada,
e la muz' a meliana."

"Toz', estraing cor e salvatge
adomesg' om per uzatge.
Ben conosc al trespassatge
60 qu'ab aital toza vilana
pot hom far ric compaignatge
ab amistat de coratege,
si l'us l'autre non engana."

Don, hom coitatz de follatge
65 jur' e pliu e promet gatge:
si m fariatz homenatge,
Seigner, so m dis la vilana;
mas ieu, per un pauc d'intratge,
non vuoil ges mon piucellatge,
70 camjar per nom de putana."

Toza, tota creatura
revertis a sa naturaA:
pareillar pareilladura
devem, ieu e vos, vilana,
75 a l'abric lonc la pastura,
car plus n'estaretz segura
per far la cauza dousanna."

"Don, oc; mas segon dreitura
cerca fols sa follatura,
80 cortes cortez' aventura,
e il vilans ab la vilana;
en tal loc fai sens fraitura
on hom non garda mezura,
so ditz la gens anciana."

85 "Toza, de vostra figura
non vi autra plus tafura
nin de son cor plus trefana."

Don, lo cavecs vos ahura,
que tals bad' en la peintura
90 qu'autre n'espera la mana." 1

The other day, beside a row of hedges,
I found a shepherdess of lowly birth,
full of joy and common sense.
And, like the daughter of a woman of the fields,
she wore cape and cloak and fur,
and a shift of drill,
and shoes, and wollen stockings.

I came to her across the level ground.
"Girl," I said, "beautiful,
I am unhappy because the cold is piercing you."
"Lord," this peasant's child said to me,
"thanks be to God and the woman who nursed me,
it's nothing to me if the wind ruffles my hair,
because I feel good, and I'm healthy."

"Girl," I said, "you're sweet and innocent,
I came out of my way
to keep you company;
for a peasant girl like you
should not, without a comrade near by,
pasture so many cattle
all alone in such a place."

"Master," she said, "whatever I may be,
I can tell sense from foolishness.
Your comradeship,
Lord," said this girl of the fields and pastures,
"let it stay where it belongs,
for such as I, when she thinks she has it
for herself, has nothing but the look of it."

"O you are a girl of noble quality,
your father was a knight
who got your mother with you
because she was a courtly peasant.
The more I look at you, the more beautiful you are
to me, and I am lit up by your joy,
or would be if you had some humanity."

"Master, my whole lineage and descent
I trace all the way back
to the sickle and the plow,
my Lord," said this peasant girl to me;
"and such as calls himself a knight
would do better to work, like them,
six days every week."

"Girl," I said, "a gentle fairy
endowed you at birth
with your beauty, which is pure
beyond every other peasant girl.
And yet you would be twice as beautiful
if once I saw you
underneath and me on top."

"Lord, you have praised me so high,
how everyone would envy me!
Since you have driven up my worth,
my Lord," said this peasant girl,
"for that you will have as your reward:
'Gape, fool, gape,' as we part,
and waiting and waiting the whole afternoon."

"Girl, every shy and wild heart
grows tame with a little getting used to,
and I know that, passing by,
a man can offer a peasant girl
like you a fine cash companionship,
with reall affection in his heart,
if one doesn't cheat on the other."

"Master, a man hounded by madness
promises and pledges and puts up security:
that's how you would do homage to me,
Lord. said this peasant girl;
"but I am not willing, for a little
entrance fee, to cash in my virginity
for the fame of a whore."

"Girl, every creature
reverts to its nature:
let us become a copule of equals,
you and I, my peasant girl,
in the cover there, by the pasture,
you will feel more at ease there
while we do the sweet you know what."

"Master, yes; but, as it is right,
the fool seeks out his foolishness,
a man of the court, his courtly adventure;
and let the peasant be with his peasant girl.
'Good sense suffers from disease
where men do not observe degrees':
that's what the ancients say."

"Girl, I never saw another
more roguish in her face
or more false in her heart."

"Master, that owl is making you a prophecy:
this one stands gaping in front of a painting,
and that one waits for manna." 1

Suositussa rodussa epäselviä polveutumisia

Suositussa rodussa epäselviä polveutumisia

Polveutumisen varmistaminen on viime vuosina kehittynyt ja yleistynyt. Kennelliiton rekisteröintilistalla 22. sijalla viime vuonna olleessa coton de tuléar -rodussa on ilmennyt epäselviä sukutauluja jopa 700:lla rodun koiralla.

Epäselvyydet tulivat ilmi, kun huomattiin, että yhden kasvattajan kaikkia polveutumisen varmistamiseen käytettyjä näytteitä ei ole otettu Kennelliiton ohjeiden mukaan. Kennelliittoa on myös erehdytetty rodun pentueita rekisteröitäessä. Ilmi tullut polveutumisen varmistamisen väärinkäyttö tarkoittaa, että kyseisen kasvattajan viime vuosina kasvattamat koirat sekä niiden jälkeläiset siirretään Kennelliiton EJ-rekisteriin.

EJ-rekisteröinti tarkoittaa sitä, että koiraa ei saa käyttää jalostukseen eli sen jälkeläisiä ei rekisteröidä. EJ-rekisteröinti ei rajoita koiran osallistumista muuhun toimintaan, kuten näyttelyihin ja kokeisiin. Omistaja voi tehdä koiralleen polveutumisen varmistamisen, jolloin siirto takaisin jalostuskäyttöön oikeuttavaan rekisteriin on mahdollista. Käytännössä kaikkia koiria ei kuitenkaan saatane siirrettyä takaisin jalostusrekisteriin.

Kennelliitto lähettää asiasta tiedon niille, joiden koiria epäselvyydet koskevat, mikäli koiranomistaja on huolehtinut siitä, että omistajatieto on ajan tasalla.

Coton de tuléarien rotujärjestö, Suomen Kääpiökoirayhdistys ry, on neuvotellut Finnzymesin kanssa alennetun erikoishinnan jäsentensä ja jäsenyhdistystensä jäsenten koirien DNA-tunnistemäärityksistä. Lisätietoja alennuksesta osoitteesta http://www.toydogs.net/skky/uutiset/dnanaytteet.html

Jos omistat tällaisen koiran tai jos koirasta on otettu jo polveutumisnäyte, lue toimintaohjeet alla olevasta linkistä. Tarkemmat ohjeet saat sähköpostiosoitteesta: kysely(at)kennelliitto.fi tai rotuyhdistyksestä puheenjohtaja.coton(at)toydogs.net

Kennelliiton hallituksen puheenjohtaja Helena Suni, puh. 050 324 1779

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Pixel shader download windows 7

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Were friends - definition of were friends by The Free Dictionary


To be a friend of: I am friends with my neighbor.

Word History: The relationship between Latin amīcus, "friend," and amō, "I love," is clear, as is the relationship between Greek philos, "friend," and phileō, "I love." In English, though, we have to go back a millennium before we see the verb that we can easily connect to friend. Frēond, the Old English source of Modern English friend, is related to the Old English verb frēon, "to love, like, honor, set free (from slavery or confinement)." Specifically, frēond comes from the present participle of the Germanic ancestor of Old English frēon and thus originally meant "one who loves." (The Old English verb frēon, "to love, set free," by the way, survives today in Modern English as to free. ) The Germanic root of frēond and frēon is *frī-, which meant "to like, love, be friendly to." Closely linked to these concepts is that of "peace," and in fact Germanic made a noun from this root, *frithu-, meaning exactly that. Ultimately descended from this noun are the personal names Frederick, "peaceful ruler," and Siegfried, "victory peace." The root also shows up in the name of the Germanic deity Frigg, the goddess of love, who lives on today in the word Friday, "day of Frigg," from an ancient translation of Latin Veneris diēs, "day of Venus."


1. a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty; an intimate

2. an acquaintance or associate

3. an ally in a fight or cause; supporter

4. a fellow member of a party, society, etc

5. a patron or supporter: a friend of the opera.

6.be friends to be friendly (with)

7.make friends to become friendly (with)

8. (Communications & Information) to add (a person) to one's list of contacts on a social networking website

[Old English frēond ; related to Old Saxon friund. Old Norse frǣndi. Gothic frijōnds. Old High German friunt ]


[frɛnd] n → amico/a ; (at school ) → compagno/a ; (at work ) → collega m/f
a friend of mine → un(a) mio/a amico /a
to make friends with sb → fare amicizia con qn
let's be friends → facciamo pace
we're just good friends → siamo solo buoni amici


make friends (with)

friend friend

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    Phoebe, personagem de Friends, série de TV norte-americana; Lucinda Price - livro Fallen; Lauren Adams - Livro O Recruta; Ver também. Anexo:Lista de veganos

    Series Adictos - Personajes Secundarios de Friends
    Hablamos concretamente de Friends, serie de la que se ha rumoreado en [. ] Cuatro emitirá Friends por las tardes Ahora que ha terminado el reality show de Cuatro, ‘Fama.

    TOPIC - Sitcom - FilmAffinity
    Sitcom. Subgénero de la comedia televisiva en la que siempre se recurre a los. Friends (Serie de TV)

    wing. comp .nus.edu.sg
    # mapping.tsv # seems to missing wikipedia sample files # # format: id \t filename \t image_url \t page_url \t class # 1 5000_UROP_imgs/salford_map.gif http://www.

    Pearl Jam y el cine | Expediente Cine
    Friends (serie de televisión – episodio The Last One: Part 2): “Yellow Ledbetter” Memron (película para televisión): “Green Disease” Riding Giants (documental.

    La comunicación no busca ser creíble - Scribd
    La comunicación no busca ser creíble, busca ser eficaz. ………………………………. Ask yourself if your mother would be able to give you the desired.

    Presentació De L'amistat - Upload & Share PowerPoint.
    We have detected that you do not have it on your computer. To install it, go. es pot trobar per exemple El gros i el flac i Els tres chiflados o bé Friends, sèrie de.

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    On this page you can see that I'm not only a collector. The outfits on this. 1995: Van de Ocean Friends serie de orka Keiko. Hij was van zacht plastik en als je hem.

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    Não dá prá contar com ninguém mesmo, né? Humpf! Updated. Olha, Lu, ainda não pensei no selinho dos 100 seguidores, não! Mas prometo fazer, já que no dos 50.

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