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Lasix helps people with edematous syndrome to reduce the amount of liquid in the body. It relieves general state of hypertensive patients because it has a hypotensive action. This is an irreplaceable diuretic which is available to everybody due to its safety, efficiency, and low cost.

Active Ingredient: Furosemide

Lasix (Furide) as known as: Aldalix, Anfuramide, Ansemid, Apix, Apo-furosemida, Asax, Betasemid, Beurises, Classic, Co-amilofruse, Desal, Diaphal, Dimazon, Dirine, Dirusid, Disal, Diumide-k, Diural, Diurapid, Diurefar, Diuren, Diuresal, Diusemide, Docfurose, Edemann, Edemid, Edemin, Errolon, Eutensin, Fabofurox, Fabop, Fahrenheit, Farsix, Floxaid, Flusapex, Fluss 40, Foliront, Fru-co, Fruco, Frudix, Frusamil, Frusecare, Frusedale, Frusehexal, Frusema, Frusene, Frusenex, Fruside, Frusin, Frusix, Fudesix, Fuluvamide, Furagrand, Furanthril, Furantral, Furesis, Furetic, Furide, Furilan, Furix, Furo aldopur, Furo-ct, Furo-puren, Furo-spirobene, Furobeta, Furodrix, Furodur, Furogamma, Furohexal, Furolix, Furomex, Furomid, Furon, Furorese roztok, Furos a vet, Furosal, Furosed, Furosemek, Furosemide olamine, Furoser, Furosetron, Furosix, Furosol, Furosoral, Furospir, Furostad, Furotabs, Furovet, Furoxem, Furozal faible, Furozénol, Fursemid, Furtenk, Fusix, Hoe 058, Inclens, Intermed, Jufurix, Las 6873, Lasilacton, Lasilactone, Lasiletten, Lasilix, Lasitone, Lasiven, Lizik, Lodix, Logirène, Lowpston, Maoread, Merck-furosemide, Miphar, Naclex, Nadis, Nuriban, Oedemex, Opolam, Osyrol lasix, Pharmix, Puresis, Retep, Salca, Salidur, Salix, Salurex, Salurin, Sanofi-aventis, Sanwa kagaku, Silax, Sinedem, Spiro comp, Spiro-d-tablinen, Spiromide, Spmc, Spmc frusemide, Uresix, Uretic, Urever, Urex, Vesix

Buck-tick - Moonlight

Moonlight - lyrics

Moon-light ayashii kurayami doresu ni kaete
Star-dust uso o chiribame koori no machi e

reiri na furide You asked me last-night
Please 'hold me 'love me 'kiss me
tomaranai I'm fall in love

Moon-light subete someru namida mo usomo
Star-dust koyoi yami ni futari dakarete

tsumi na akuma sa You're special!
Please 'hold me 'love me 'kiss me
tomaranai I'm fall in love

nidoto modoranai futari dake no yoru hitori sagashi I'm lonely
wasureru sono hi made nemuri tsuzukeyou yume o sagashi I'm lonely

reiri nafuride You asked me last-night
Please 'hold me 'love me 'kiss me
tomaranai I'm fall in love

tsumi na akuma sa You're special!
Please 'hold me 'love me 'kiss me
tomaranai I'm fall in love

nidoto modoranai futari dake no yoru hitori sagashi I'm lonely
wasureru sono hi made nemuri tsuzukeyou yume o sagashi I'm lonely

kitsuku dakishimete subete wasureru made kono miku dake chiru made
sotto kuchizukete torokeru you ni wakare no yoru konna Moon-light
La La La.

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Onegai Teacher

Onegai Teacher cartoon information Onegai Teacher show information

Kei Kusanagi is an average high-school student living with his aunt and uncle. One night while he is sitting by a lake, he becomes "stuck". When he is ?stuck? he goes into a coma like state for a moment. After he awakens from being "stuck" he sees a weird disturbance on the water. After the disturbance disappears he sees a woman appear from a ray of light right. It?s an alien. The next day he learns that the mysterious woman is his new homeroom teacher and his neighbor. Later, he is forced to marry her to keep her secret. Thus, a romantic comedy is born.

Onegai Teacher cartoon pictures

Onegai Teacher cartoon videos Onegai Teacher cartoon characters

Kei Kusanagi (草薙 桂, Kusanagi Kei?)
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi (Japanese), Dave Wittenberg (English)
Kei is an 18 year old who retains a 15 year old body after a three year long "standstill", which is a coma-like state that occurs during a time of extreme emotional distress. Standstills are derived from an unknown - possibly psychological - disease that Kei and his friend Ichigo Morino have. He tends to be a very frail, shy boy, not often wanting to assert himself when need be.
After observing the landing of a UFO while on the bank of the nearby lake and subsequently observing the alien on the lake shore, odd things begin happening to Kei in connection with this alien. The next day, Kei is surprised to find, like everyone else, that one of their teachers quit and a quick replacement was found which just happened to turn out to be the alien - Mizuho Kazami. After a few more encounters with each other, Kei is taken to her spaceship where the whole situation goes from bad to worse. Upon striking Marie, a tiny computer helper of Mizuho's, it effectively is unable to perform as well as it seemed to work, which often puts the characters in strange situations if they can't rely on the help of Marie.
Eventually, after Kei and Mizuho are found in a locked storage room by Kei's uncle and the principal of the school, his uncle impulsively tells the principal that Kei and Mizuho are in fact married. Later, Kei and Mizuho do actually get married, though only the paperwork is done while there was no official ceremony. This whole situation is, of course, kept secret from Kei's friends as Ichigo Morino constantly tries to pair Kei up with a friend of hers, Koishi, and all the while Kei and Mizuho's relationship and attraction for each other only grows.

Mizuho Kazami (風見 みずほ, Kazami Mizuho?)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Bridget Hoffman (English)
A 23 (as alien physiology is only hinted at, and growth rates may be different for the un-named alien species she is partly derived from) year old half alien, half human, Planet Inspector from the Galactic Federation, sent to Earth to observe and study humans. Mizuho came to Earth to monitor the planet though inadvertently was seen by Kei as she was just landing on Earth. Although she did not trust him at first, she started to become attracted to Kei and eventually falls in love with him after they shared secrets about their past to one another. In a conversation with Maho, Kei learns that she is the youngest member of the GF Observers ever to gain a license. Also from Maho we learn that Mizuho apparently has never had a romantic relationship, which is verified when she admits as much to Kei.
One of the main conflicts in the story involves Mizuho and how she tends to have great jealousy and misjudgment. She even went to such great lengths as to spy on Kei while he was hanging out with a friend from school, Koishi Herikawa, in a set up date, and when Mizuho's mother held Kei hostage in a hotel.
She loves to eat pochy, a Japanese snack food that consists of a biscuit stick covered with chocolate. She eats Pochy because it reminds her of her dead father; an empty box of Pochy was all Mizuho has left of him. Her mother and sister are also seen eating it in several episodes. Pochy is a fictional version of an actual snack known as pocky. Her catch phrase is "Saiyūsen jikō yo!" ("This is a priority one!").

Koishi Herikawa (縁川 小石, Herikawa Koishi?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
She is one of Kei's close friends who also pursues a romantic relationship with Kei, but towards the end of the series discovers her affection for one of her teachers, Yamada. During the anime this inappropriate relationship is only ever hinted at, but in the OVA special Ichigo taunts her about having sex in his room triggering a flashback. In the anime Yamada is confronted by the principal about him seeing Yamada and a girl from their school walking together. Her parents own a grocery store and she often has to go to deliver food that people ordered.
Koishi has a happy-disposition to her personality and is only ever seen crying when it comes to matters that involve Kei. One of the things Ichigo would get irritated at was that Koishi would never act on her urges and in effect she waits too long, and by the time she does tell Kei her true feelings, he's already hopelessly in love with Mizuho.

Ichigo Morino (森野 苺, Morino Ichigo?)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Japanese), Julie Anne Taylor (English)
An evidently shrewd young woman who is seemingly wise beyond her (apparent) years, and who associates with very few friends. Surprisingly, even though she resembles a diminutive 15 year old or perhaps younger, her real age is 21; her physical development was stunted due to her "standstills", in the same way that they affect Kei. She had been in a "standstill" for 6 years. Ichigo's loss of time and her sense of life cruelly having passed her by due to the illness (she wistfully reveals to Kei that she has a younger sister who is now married and expecting a child) tends to cause her to have a much more cynical and serious demeanor than is normal for someone of her seeming age, which is sometimes commented upon by her (much younger) friends.
In order to prevent the triggering of 'standstills', her emotional expression is very subdued and phlegmatic. But for all her apparent depressive state, she is in fact very caring, attempting to assist both Koishi and Kei by acting as a 'matchmaker' for the two, because her own losses have been felt so keenly, and because she doesn't want her friends to experience the kind of heartache she has felt by their wasting opportunities for closeness that she has been forced to endure.
She is quiet but fiercely independent, currently living alone in a rather Spartan apartment, partly on her own initiative so that her (well-to-do) family wouldn't be burdened by her malady. She still maintains ties to her family, providing at least a semblence of normality. At one point she confesses to Kei that had they met earlier and revealed their mutual affliction to each other sooner, they might have become closer.
Her keen mind causes her to suspect the too-often 'coincidences' regarding their former teacher's departure, the new one's arrival and strange events in their neighborhood immediately after that to be connected, but her much younger and guile-less friends dismiss those connections. She also deduces that Kei and Mizuho repeatedly being found together in unusual situations to be the result of a covert relationship, but does not alert the authorities, preferring to observe the situation to verify it, proving herself to possess a formidable intellect as well as no small degree of compassion.

Kaede Misumi (水澄 楓, Misumi Kaede?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Melissa Fahn (English)
Also one of Kei's friends, Kaede tends to be a rather shy girl most of the time. Her physical characteristics include that she is one quarter Irish, tall (for a Japanese) and with red hair and freckles. Despite her shyness, during an accidental visit to her hotel room by a sleep-deprived Hyosuke, in which he mistakenly climbed into her bed, she awoke from a lightly inebriated slumber and claimed that he had appeared to her in a dream which now seems to have come true. She then sweetly confesses her love for him and proceeds to seduce him. The two become inseparable and are seen together throughout the series, to the point of being seen exiting a love hotel together in the OVA.

Hyosuke Magumo (間雲 漂介, Magumo Hyōsuke?)
Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese), Kirk Thornton (English)
A brash student with dyed blonde hair, Hyosuke aspires to attend college at Tokyo University and become a professional statesman, much like his brother. Hyousuke's demanor is initially that of a shallow attention-seeker, but after he becomes romantically involved with Kaede, a deeper and much more sensitive and reflective side is revealed. Kaede confirms to Ichigo and Koishi that the private Hyosuke is actually a very different person; of him, she says "He's a gentleman and he's sweet." Of Kei's group of friends, he tends to be the most hyperactive of them all and often does the strangest things too.

Matagu Shido (四道 跨, Shidō Matagu?)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Miura (Japanese), Tony Schnur (English)
A rather serious student who is also into astronomy, Matagu seems to be the most hopeless of the cast, a classic 'nerd', never even getting to the point of gaining a girlfriend by the end of the series. He is much less confident and self-assured than Hyosuke, or even Kei, leading one to conclude that he suffers from crippling shyness. His stated fondest dream is to meet with 'an alien creature from outer space', totally unaware of the fact that his teacher certainly qualifies as such, and that he has had several conversations with his life's dream in a very normal setting. He even considered to confess his love to her, but his shyness put a halt to his plans.

Minoru Edajima (江田島 みのる, Edajima Minoru?)
Voiced by: Naoya Uchida (Japanese), Michael McConnohie (English)
Kei's uncle and doctor of the local clinic. Minoru is something of a lecherous rogue, continually making wolfish comments regarding the attractiveness of passing women, even in the hearing of his wife, who often retaliates with a measured degree of force. He is openly quite jealous of Kei's relationship with Mizuho; he is more than a little perverted (in the Japanese sense of the word), but often covers for and helps Kei and Mizuho out (such as moving Kei's goods into the married couple's new quarters, purchasing a proper wedding ring for their private ceremony, and paying for an expensive hotel in Okinawa for their honeymoon).

Konoha Edajima (江田島 このは, Edajima Konoha?)
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English)
Kei's aunt and nurse of the local clinic. A warm, kind-hearted and quite attractive woman who puts up with her husband's behavior only so much before she starts to get really angry at him. It is evident that she is the more mature member of their pair, and is quite able to curb Minoru's wayward eye and lecherous comments with a significant look or gesture. She is not above using a small degree of force to cause her husband to 'heel' if his behavior gets too outrageous. She seems very sexually amorous towards her husband and loves him deeply. She is very supportive of Kei and Mizuho's relationship, backing Minoru's initial lie to the Headmaster about the couple being married, and then providing a second-hand wedding dress for Mizuho to wear in a private ceremony with only her, Mizuho, Kei and Minoru present.

Marie (まりえ, Marie?)
Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese), Sandy Fox (English)
A quasi-organic master control program for Mizuho's ship. Totally self-repairing and maintenance free. Hovers around in an innertube and on occasion plays a miniature guitar. Due to Kei fearfully striking 'him' during an initial escape attempt when Mizuho revealed her true identity, Marie's programming became scrambled, endangering both Kei and Mizuho. Communicating partly through indistinct sounds and through gestures, Marie is essentially a portable link to the ship's operating system. But 'he' is also capable of emotion, as witnessed by the romantic relationship formed between 'himself' and Miruru and his sorrow at their parting. Additionally, in the OVA they are implied to have sex, and both of them will become embaressed when they see others display affection. The implication provided in the series 'extras' is that Marie and Miruru are but extensions of the ships themselves, and thus are the ships.

Masami Yamada (山田 正臣, Yamada Masami?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese), Tony Oliver (English)
A quiet and shaggy male teacher whose hobby is creating human-powered planes (one of which flies successfully in the final episode, earning him a trophy). At first he appears to be something of a physically-developed nerd, obsessed with his hobby. Koishi delivers him meals from her parents' grocery store. He later becomes something of a confidant, attempting to help Koishi by providing a sympathetic ear after a breakup with Kei and her subsequent depression but does not take advantage of her vulnerable situation. At the end of the series, it is implied that their relationship gets much closer than that of teacher and student.

Maho Kazami (風見 まほ, Kazami Maho?)
Voiced by: Satomi Koorogi (Japanese), Sandy Fox (English)
Mizuho's little sister, who disapproves of Kei but eventually comes to accept him. Initially, she is incensed that a member of the powerful Galactic Federation's elite Observers (which it is revealed that Mizuho has the honor of being its' youngest member) would stoop to marry such an evident primitive. (Conveniently overlooking the fact that she is ostensibly the product of just such a union, claiming that the only time that she had ever seen Mizuho cry was when their father died; the implication of wildly different growth rates between alien and human are suggested here, as Maho is much younger appearing than Mizuho and Mizuho had stated that she could barely recall her father's appearance.) Maho even attempts to use Miruru to hurt Kei. During the process, she learns just how deeply Kei loves Mizuho and vice versa, and she relents, and later actually shows him a degree of affection with a stolen kiss, but she still possesses a playfully devious nature and is not above blackmailing Kei with videos of Kei intercourse between him and Mizuho to get what she wants.

Hatsuho Kazami (風見 はつほ, Kazami Hatsuho?)
Voiced by: Yumi Takada (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
Mizuho's mother, who is very fond of Kei, whom she claims resembles her late husband. She is a very sensual, self-assured, bold but subtly assertive woman. She is not above playfully teasing her oldest daughter and son-in-law, demanding to know intimate details regarding their relationship. In the OVA, to 'spice up' her daughter's love-life, she half-seriously abducts Kei to a love hotel (the same one where Kaede and Hyosuke were seen exiting) to engage in mock bondage with him, with Mizuho in hot pursuit. She then departed, having gotten the newlyweds in a situation where they had no choice but to enjoy themselves. She greatly resembles Mizuho, with the exception of having purplish hair instead of magenta, green eyes and a small beauty mark on her chin.

Shirou Kazami (風見 士郎, Kazami Shirō?)
Mizuho's father; No image of him has ever been seen in the series. The 2009 Mars expedition ship he was a crewmember of was presumed lost in space. However, a GF vessel rescued the crew. The implication, never verified, was that he was not allowed to return to Earth. One of the crew of the GF spacecraft that rescued the Mars expedition was Hatsuho, which is how they came to meet and be married. Unable (or unwilling) to return to Earth (possibly due to the Federation's strict laws governing contact with non-incorporated races) he remained in Federation space and raised a family there. The assumption is that he had attained citizenship, either through marriage or through naturalization, and at that point may have been abjured from returning. Eventually, he went on to develop a planetary contact program for Earth for the Galactic Federation. He died when Mizuho was still a child. The only thing of Earth that he had left behind had been an empty box of Pochy, which Mizuho had treasured.

Miruru (みるる, Miruru?)
Voiced by: Michelle Ruff
Another computer intelligence hologram, dressed in female-like clothing. The implication is that both Marie and Miruru are in fact commlinks for the ships, themselves. In other words, the ships house self-aware AI's capable of emotions, which are reflected in the actions of the two miniature beings. Seems also to be romantically involved with Marie.

Kozue Kusanagi (草薙 こずえ, Kusanagi Kozue?)
Voiced by: Omi Minami (Japanese), Julie Anne Taylor (English)
Kei Kusanagi's elder sister. In a flashback which is shown during a critical 'standstill', it is revealed that Kozue was a very bright - though possibly mentally disturbed - girl who felt that human emotions were the cause of much suffering in the world, and sought to escape them by committing suicide, which Kei had had the misfortune of witnessing. The trauma of having done so and the guilt that he had felt at being unable to prevent it led to his first 'standstill'.

Onegai Teacher episode guide

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Doug "SLAVEdrummer" Lea hails from "the Hammer" and has been banging things since the ripe old age of seven. Currently the drummer for SLAVE to the SQUAREwave, High Heels Lo Fi, Lavender Orange and now Nanochrist, his unwavering meter is almost machine like.

List of past bands include: the Wet Spots, Tristan Psionic, the Skyjumpers, $heer Greed, Instant Gothic, Money Pie, Voodoo Walters and the Rhythm Method, The Fear of Dance, Hyperstick Overdrive, Chainsaw Massage and Chocolate Buddha.

Chainsaw Massage - Pull Cord. Enrage (1986)
The Fear Of Dance (TFOD) - Don't Be Afraid (1986)
Wet Spots - Wake Up With The Wet Spots (1988)
Tristan Psionic - Psix Psong Demo (1990)
Instant Gothic - Money Disease (1992)
The Skyjumpers - The Skyjumpers (2001)
First Church of Rock & Roll - $heer Greed (2003)
SLAVE to the SQUAREwave - 12 Top Hits (2008)
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Nanochrist - Information Disease (2014)

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Chairty ride 31st May 2014

Chairty ride 31st May 2014 Post by marsayy on Feb 10, 2014 10:10:19 GMT 1

After a bit of consideration I decided to post on here. I have decided to do an 11 day unsupported trek in aid of the Parkinson’s society. At first I was undecided whether to try and raise money and if so what charity to raise it for. But with members on here encouraging me I decided to take the plunge. I was hesitant as I feel everyone is strapped for cash and there are so many deserving charities out there how do you choose.

I was going with Shy Lowen, then a horse sanctuary at home but after some careful consideration I decided to support the Parkinson's society. Parkinson's disease is what known as a life limiting disease; basically it's not classed as a terminal illness but rather one that shortens your life. My Dad has a severe case and his life is made very difficult as it has my whole family. However the Parkinson Society has helped with everything from financial advice, physiotherapy and OT advice as well as psychological support for all the family. In short they have been a godsend to us and helped my dad enjoy his life again. The Parkinson's Society organise days out which would have been unattainable without there help. They even organised a holiday that was suitable for someone in advanced stages of the disease, fantastic, as my parents hadn't been able to go anywhere as my Mum can't manage his care outside the home.

So I am setting off on the 31st of May riding one highland Pony and leading my pack pony and riding from Spey Bay in Morayshire heading to the Cairngorms the over the Corryerack pass down into Fort Augustus. It will be approx 10 days with one day off at Newtonmore to allow my little Pack Pony to graze before her climb over the mountains. I will have no back up other than an emergency if either my ponies or I become unwell. I am planning a mixture of camping, hostels and bothies with one luxury night in a B&B so I can do my laundry ha ha.

So if you feel you would like to support me please go to justgiving\Yvonne Marsay, I know my post is well in advance but hey I thought what the hell, I've started all my planning lets tell everyone what I'm doing and why, it'll give people a chance to consider if the want to donate.

Thanks in advance.

Capeas in leon county


Ron Leon, Co-Director, Great Leaders for Great Schools Academy, California State. University. Association of Professors of Education Administration (CAPEA ) .

Yisuh - (Los 3 Monumentos) Capea el Dougt Verso Original - YouTube
Aug 4, 2011. Yisuh - (Los 3 Monumentos) Capea el Dougt Verso Original. Jay-co El Leon, El Poeta Callejero, Mozart La Para, Monkey Black, Los 3 .

Florida Unclaimed Property - State Unclaimed Funds
HADDON STEVEN B, 3023 SE 5TH PLACE CAPE CORAL, 092-642196. FL 33904, 10/10/1997 955.9. ANDRE NELSON ANDRE DIANE, 1113 TRUMAN .

Texas EAS
*Multi-county area designated as “Local Area” in Texas state plan. Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Milam, Robertson, Walker and Washington counties.

Micro Flow Ft D.L.C Capea El Ron Mix - YouTube
Nov 3, 2010. En Coro Con Las Estrellas De Capea El Dough AllStarsby. Piddy Pablo Vs. Jay -Co El Leon (Batalla de los Gallos 08)by mrjohn26128868 .

Leading Equity – Principled Communities of Practice - Capea.org
CAPEA. California Association of Professors of Educational. Administration. Deborah Erickson, Miriam Fultz, Susan Jindra, Ron Leon, Terri Marcos. district and county directors of professor development, as well as university professor.

Challenges and Oppor - CAPEA, California Association of.
Apr 1, 2010. Welcome to the 2010 CAPEA Spring Conference. Dr. Steven Davis and Dr. Ron Leon, Cal Poly. county office of education administrator.

SoyChicoBeto - ABER ABER SI CAPEAS - YouTube
Aug 30, 2010. LOS INVASORES DE NUEVO LEON - HABER SI CAPEA.aviby. 64 - Day Tripper.wmvby rblira2132 views · IMPERIAL COUNTY AIRPORT .

Leading for Equity and Excellence in Leadership Preparation
Oct 1, 2011. CAPEA. California Association of Professors of Educational. Administration. Dr. Robles was appointed County Superintendent of Schools in June. 2002, and. CSBA Liaison - Ron Leon, Cal Poly, Pomona. As a member of .

CAPEAS 2010,CAPEA DEL DIA 15 - YouTube
15 Sep 2010. Watch Now: Country star Kenny Chesney performing live from the Jersey Shore. la calle el infierno en capeas 2010 segura de leon.wmvby .

Spaying and Neutering

State of Florida vs James J. Norris, Jr.

California Association of Professors of Educational. - Capea.org
Dec 16, 2010. Ron Leon, Steve Davis and Dan Cunniff volunteered to help with the final. Don asked that everyone check the CAPEA website to ensure that all updates are. wine country, Oregon coast, Columbia Gorge, Mt. St. Helens.

California Association Professors of Educational. - Capea.org
CAPEA Mission. CAPEA provides opportunities, services and benefits to college faculty and others. district, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, from 2004- 2008. Ron Leon. Louis Wildman. Chris Thomas Delores Lindsay. Franca Dell' Olio .

Esquí - County Esqui Club
County Esqui Club (Esquí en León, León), turismo activo, actividades de aventura. Capeas; Rappel; Aventuras Temáticas; Enoturismo; Laser Tag; Orientación .

Esquí - Funride Team Esquí
Funride Team Esquí (Esquí en León, León), turismo activo, actividades de aventura. En Funride. BTT; Capeas; Rappel; Aventuras Temáticas; Enoturismo; Laser Tag; Orientación; Rocódromos; Zorbing; Paseos en Burro. County Esqui Club .

El Poeta Callejero En El Club De Las Ermitas - YouTube
Sep 3, 2010. Capea El Dough All star (Lapiz remix)by drwproductions1Featured. Jay-co El Leon, El Poeta Callejero, Mozart La Para, Monkey Black, Los 3 .

Fleas and Ticks.

Cursos de esquí en Castilla y León, escuelas de esquí en Castilla y.
Cursos de esquí Castilla y León, turismo activo, deportes de aventura. Puenting; Espeleología; BTT; Capeas; Rappel; Aventuras Temáticas; Enoturismo ; Laser Tag; Orientación; Rocódromos; Zorbing; Paseos en Burro. County Esqui Club .

Deportes de Nieve Castilla y León
Plataforma especializada en Deportes de Nieve en Castilla y León. Puenting; Espeleología; BTT; Capeas; Rappel; Aventuras Temáticas; Enoturismo; Laser Tag; Orientación; Rocódromos; Zorbing; Paseos en Burro. County Esqui Club .

La Politiquera, Spring 2009.pmd
Feb 25, 2009. Hector de León, Harris County Clerk's Office. (CAPEA), an organization which seeks positive intervention and prevention in the lives of at- .

El GUISH - en el Dia Familiar Bautistiano Part 1 - YouTube
May 4, 2010. El Guish Ft. Jay-Co El Leon - Si Quieres Hacerlo - Preview (Dir. by P-FILMZ)by. CAPEA EL RON 2009 VIDEOby alexiseskalera468481 views .

Deportes de aventura León, ocio León
Plataforma especializada en Deportes de Aventura en León. Ferrata; Puenting; Espeleología; BTT; Capeas; Rappel; Aventuras Temáticas; Enoturismo; Laser Tag; Orientación; Rocódromos; Zorbing; Paseos en Burro. County Esqui Club .

Jun 5, 2010. administrators, district- and county-level administrators, and administrative. of Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA) aided the .

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Cursos de esquí León, turismo activo, deportes de aventura. Ferrata; Puenting; Espeleología; BTT; Capeas; Rappel; Aventuras Temáticas; Enoturismo; Laser Tag; Orientación; Rocódromos; Zorbing; Paseos en Burro. County Esqui Club .

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A sub-county in the Ribera del Duero is Esgueva Valley. Situado estratégicamente en el centro de Castilla y León, es el punto de partida ideal para realizar, en cortos desplazamientos, interesantes. LA CAPEA (2ª) [Star on] [Star off] .

City Cycling Club January

City Cycling & Athletic Club

Many thanks to all members that have renewed their subscriptions and licenses for this year. for those who have not yet renewed yet. please do so soon as we have blown all our bucks on stocking up on club racing jerseys.

Diarise these dates :

Thursday 15 February 19hr00. The club is putting on a track meeting at the Bellville Velodrome. all members are welcome to come and watch or even take part in the action.

Saturday 24 February 12hr00. WPCA /SACF hold selection races at the velodrome for the tri-nations to be held the Friday before the Argus funride.

Monday 26 February 19hrs30 City Cycling Club AGM

06 - 10 th March. Giro del Capo.

Friday 09 th March Tri-Nations. Bellville Velodrome

Sunday 11th March. Tour d’Valiums

05 - 07 April. Western Province track champs. Paarl track

13 - 16 April. Junior Tour. Mpumalanga

19 - 21 April. SA track champs Port Elizabeth

Saturday 05 May. Start of the road season in the Western Province and we are hosting the first race.

03 - 05 August . SA road & T/T champs - Kimberley

18 - 25 August. Rapport tour (the locals must start training now)

18 August. Western Province T/T Champs

25 August .Western Province road champs

In between all of this up until the end of April there are back to back funrides more or less every weekend.

Steve Down and Angus Robinson have resumed their clinics every second Saturday at the Green Point stadium car park. should you know of any youngsters who want to improve their bike handling skills give Steve a call on 462 4190 (office hours)

All old cycling kit. old spare tubes and tyres are needed for the development of our sport in other communities ,should you have any old kit please bring it to the AGM or a monthly club meeting.

Annual General Meeting - 26th February

Traditionally. this meeting is held on the first Monday in March. however. as some of our members are going to be involved in the Giro - Tony Roberts is organising the whole thing. Steve Down is officiating. John Leahy normally drives the Commissair around. and this year City will have a team - so we are rather going to have it on the last Monday in February (26th to be exact) We appeal to all members to make an effort to attend. all indications are that the existing committee will be available for the coming year. so there is no danger that anyone will be steamrolled onto a committee. that doesn’t mean we will turn away volunteers. Snacks and refreshments will be served. Come on show some commitment and take an evening off from training as we need an indication of who will be planning on going to nationals. world champs etc etc. Chairman. John Simpson starts his performance at 20hrs00 sharp. front row seats are at a premium.

Club meetings are held on the first Monday of the month. here you can catch up to all the latest gossip and get up to date with any changes on the calendar. The first meeting after the AGM will be in April.

Western Province Track Champs.

At the last monthly WP meeting. the venue of the champs was hotly debated. on the one side. the clubs in the Paarl area contribute the most participants in all categories. on the other. we need to use the Velodrome at every opportunity. especially over the weekend. Clubs exercised their democratic rights and narrowly voted for Paarl to be the venue. This decision elicited a spiteful response from the SACF. this is fine coming from a federation that promised two years ago to hold a referendum amongst participants at SA’s regarding the Velodrome to be the venue for all future championships. we are still waiting for the referendum to happen.

Bellville track league is held every week either on a Tuesday or a Thursday. we do have track bikes available

A track committee has been formed. and they will concentrate on the future of track cycling in the province. I hope they are able arrange a winter league at the velodrome as it will mean that the facility will be used all year round and maybe it will encourage more cyclists to use the track as a means of keeping fit during the winter months.

Clubs come last in the pecking order when teams are considered for participation in the Giro. however. Schalk Visser. Mark Wilcox. Willie van Zyl. Darren Lill and Shaun Kirshner have entered and will ride for City. Good luck. just do your best.

Club jerseys are available for the princely sum of just R150. we also have a few skin suits available for R200.

Vets selection race

There is a possibility that the Vets & Women’s Assoc. will be holding a three day selection race in May. we will keep you informed as more information comes to hand.

Schools - Eric van Enter week

Western Province have been awarded the rights to host this events during the winter school holidays ,which means that the provisional racing calendar will have to amended. once it has been finalised we will inform you of the changes.

Tour d’ France - to follow the tour in the mountains and also ride some a stage will cost..R11 500

Last year Memo gave Oscar carrots. This year. Oscar’s programme and heart rate monitor suggests he will peak at the right time.

The Constitution stipulates that we have to notify you in writing that we are holding our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on the 26 February. you should also receive this notification 30 days prior to the meeting. YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED a bit late. the pigeon came down with Newcastle’s disease and the Posties horse developed foot & mouth.

2001 Subscriptions are due.


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